I have always had a passion for animals so by Creating Barkin mad it enabled me to share my passions and provide an excellent place to buy reptiles.


I keep a wide range of species including exotic mammals, reptiles and aquatics. I have a strong love for animals and for excellent customer service. I have a wide range of knowledge of the animals I have personally kept as well as species not commonly kept.


I can honestly say I love my job and I feel that I have achieved this as my shop has gone from Strength to Strength and is still growing. I feel my shop is developing everyday and myself and my team of excellent staff are ready for a long future in caring and advising others about exotics.

Becky (Tech Help)

I have been a part of Barkin Mad for a few Years now and most people recognise me as Kerry's Daughter. I have had a strong love for animals all my love due to my mother's influence. I have conquered my fears from a young age and confident with a range of animals. 


I have gained a Diploma with working with animals and working towards an Honors degree and eventually a Masters degree in Exotic Animals.


I have extensive knowledge I many of the species we keep and care for at Barkin Mad. I have helped as part of the team and a student, volunteer and Head student. Now I Run the Barkin Mad Website and keep the public up to Date on social media. 



I have worked for Barkin mad for around 6 years. Through the years my family has kept a wide range of animals ranging from rodents to lizards, Burmese pythons to dogs and cats, all the way through to Arachnids and I even own a Barn owl. Anyone who knows me will know I have a strong passion for Tarantulas. I Have a large collection of Tarantulas as well as breeding their food. 


In the past, I have managed to breed some of my Tarantulas as well as Yemen Chameleons with a 100% hatch rate. I have a good all around Knowledge on a range of Exotic species especially Tarantulas so if you are interested and need advice just give Barkin Mad a Call

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