A few words from Alan Young:

I started at a young age breeding exotic birds such as African Greys Amazons and much more.

This sparked my interest in reptiles though my own experiences and found that they were not many good knowledgeable reptile shops that really cared about the Animals in their care.


So I made the decision to open my own pet shop.
Barkin mad was born in 2009, it started as a small but friendly shop, but after 2 years of hard work and fun Barkin mad Expanded so quick I had to move.


My staff team all have a good knowledge of all animals I keep in my shop and all have
Barkin mad now stocks a wide variety of lizards, Snakes, Spiders, invertebrates and amphibians.
Barnes hill was then opened a much bigger more accessible premises.there own interest areas.

Our main aim is for
We are a friendly inviting pet shop that caters for all your pet needs.are customers to have happy healthy pets whatever the species, And with help support, the knowledge we can help make that happen.
Come and visit us to have a look and meet the team .....


We Regularly collect for animal charities especially blue cross and Birmingham dogs home you will find collection boxes in my shop
If you wish to donate blankets dog or cat food feel free to drop them to the shop and I will be happy to deliver them for you

Going on Holiday......? 
We board your exotics while you are away, Come in for details
Frozen Foods: Rats, Mice, Chicks, Rabbits, Guinea pigs and Bloodworm
Live food: Crickets, Locust, Maxworms, Marioworms
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